The Famous Korn Family Photo, Chapter 1

Back Row on Porch (L-R): “Monte” Montague Korn holding Charles Korn, Marcus holding Sidney Graff, “Abe” Abraham Korn holding Anna Korn,
Leslie Greenwald holding Louis Korn

  Ladies (L-R): Sara Parody Korn, “Mamie” Miriam Korn, Esther Korn Graff, “Rose” Rosa Korn, Judith Korn Greenwald

Dedicated to all present and future Korn Family members…..

To begin our journey, here is the “Famous” Korn Family Porch Photo. I use the word “Famous” because the photo is often the source of so many family discussions about the happy, smiling family on the porch that bright New Orleans day. Can you find the baby carriages and the bird cage?

3929 Perrier St as it looks today
3929 Perrier St as it looks today

The 1912 New Orleans City Directory has Abe, Judith, Marcus, Miriam, Montague, and Rose all listed at 3929 Perrier St.  Here is a photo of 3929 Perrier St in New Orleans when the property was for sale several years ago. My friend, Ben Mathews, got the full photo from his real estate files. Ben said that it’s likely the second floor isn’t painted because the renters probably painted just the first floor.

Sidney Graf with grandfather Rabbi Jacob Korn c. 1915
Sidney Graff with grandfather Rabbi Jacob Korn c. 1916

To put a date on the photo….we know that Sidney Graff was born in July 1914. I think he looks about six months old in the Famous Porch Photo. So, if Sidney is about six months, the photo would be about early 1915, maybe even New Year’s Day 1915…more than 100 years ago. Special thanks to cousins Dale and Susan for helping me figure out who all the children are in the photo. Also, here is a later photo of Sidney with his grandfather, Rabbi Jacob Korn, the father of all of the Korn adults in the Famous Porch Photo.


There was a second (not as famous) photo taken that day. Max Graff is seen holding his son Sidney. Other babies have been passed around. Esther is fixing her hair. Mamie has gathered Louis and Charles, and neither look happy about it. My namesake Leslie has moved down by my grandmother Judith. (My father Emil was still about two years in the future.) And…it doesn’t seem that anybody was ready for the snap of the photo.

Porch Photo 2

Standing on porch (L-R): Unknown, Marcus Korn

Standing below: (L-R): Max Graff holding Sidney Graff, Sara Parody Korn, “Abe” Abraham Korn holding Anna Korn, “Monte” Montague Korn

Sitting below: (L-R): Esther Korn, Louis Korn held by “Mamie” Miriam Korn, Charles Korn held by Miriam, Judith Korn Greenwald, Leslie Greenwald

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  1. Hey Mr. Hank. It is Abrahim. These family photos are amazing. Your family history blog is very interesting and a great read. Thank you for sharing your family’s story.

  2. Hello my new friend Abrahim! It was great fun meeting and talking to you. Let’s continue as friends for a long time. Thanks for reading my family story. I have many more chapters to write. And, I will look forward to learning more about your family history, and enjoying our friendship.

  3. Wonderful pictures. Thanks so much for attaching names to the faces. My daughter Sara is named after Sarah Korn, and my son David is named after David Korn.

  4. Jason H. Korn

    May 31, 2020 at 2:02 pm

    Great photos Hank. Really appreciate all you are doing to keep these memories. My grandfather was H. Charles Korn, and my great-grandfather (his father) was Abraham “Abe” Korn, also father of Anna and Louis – all in the photographs.

  5. Hey Hank, enjoyed seeing the photos , taking off from our conversation a few nights ago. Looking forward to the other chapters. nellie

  6. Thanks Nelson. It is great fun when a friend reads my writing. _Hank

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