Esther and Anna’s Korn Family Histories, Chapter 4


Two hand-written Korn Family histories, the earlier by Esther Korn Graff and the later by Anna Rose Graff Bedau, became the invaluable basis for my many years of research.

It is the purpose in this blog to expand upon Esther and Ann’s writings.

In this chapter, for clarity, I have combined the two documents.  

Ann’s notes were written “October 1952 (dictated by) Aunt Rose while in route to Florida – Daddy driving”.  She told me that Rose was in the front seat with Max, and she sat in the back and wrote into her notebook. When Rose finished, Max dictated the Graff family story that appears verbatim at the end of this chapter.

How wonderful that Esther and Ann (mother and daughter) wrote these notes for us to enjoy!

– Hank


Esther Korn Graff and Max Graff
Anna Korn Graff Bedau

 ESTHER and ANN’s COMBINED HISTORIES (using their written words)


Name of Korn established over 200 years.

Isaac Korn’s parents would have been born mid 18th Century. There might be a connection to the 18th Century publishing Korns led by Johann Gottlieb Korn.

Issac Korn, Jacob’s father had a store, sold food and imported wines, teas, coffees, French delicacies, etc. His wife was Esther (maiden name not found)

See Chapter Two

Issac and Esther Korn had three sons:

Benjamin Korn – professor of English at Oxford University, England

Jacob was born in Poland. Could a professor of English at Oxford been born in Poland? So, Benjamin and Abraham might have been born in England after Isaac and Esther immigrated.

Abraham Korn – artist in Venice, Italy, also architect, was very tall

Jacob – born in Prussian, Poland – near Germany, about 1851, graduate University of Breslau and Conservatory of Music at Leipsig, Germany.  Rabbi and Cantor.  Graduated from Conservatory of Music at Leipzig, Germany.

Sang at concerts.  When first child, daughter Rose was born, during a concert, Prince and Princess drank to Rose’s health.  Jacob never named one of his children after his father Isaac.  But he named one of his daughters after his mother Esther.

Jacob married Anna Bernstein, his third cousin. She was born in Germany, died in1898, age 48, had 9 children. Milliner. Her father was Marcus Bernstein, Chief Rabbi of Breslau, Germany.

Jacob and Anna moved to London “to escape the purge”. Rabbi Jacob Korn taught at University of Iowa, Keokuk, Iowa before family joined him in U. S.

Children of Jacob and Anna:

Rosa:  Born April 5, 1877 in Newstrelitz, Germany, Died February 27, 1968 at age 91. Moved to Canterbury England as a young child about 8 years old.  Lived there about one year. The year Rose went to school in London, Queen Victoria celebrated 50 years as Queen. Rose went to school in Atlanta through 6th grade.  Moved to Woodville, MS.  Lived there one year.  Moved to New Orleans. (question of whether to the home from Woodville)

Montague “Montie”: Born Newstrelitz, Germany in 1878.  Died at age 40, never married.

Rosa and Montague were never in the Jewish Children’s Home

Hyman: Born in Germany, after Montie.  Died in New Orleans at age 11 or 12.

Helene: Born in Germany, Died in infancy.

Judith was born in Canterbury, England on Yom Kippur, 1886.  Died 1920 at age 34. Judith married Leslie Greenwald.  Had one child,  Emil Laser Greenwald – Born February 25, 1917, died February 2, 1977. Emil was musician, music and math professor.  Emil married Sara Bertha Hirsch.

My mom and Dad had myself, Leslie Henry “Hank” born June 7, 1945, married Cynthia Grossman. Emilee Louise born November 13, 1951, married Kevin Ahern, two sons Brian Casey born August 8, 1984 and Christopher born October 8, 1986.   Kent born September 2, 1957.

Abraham Benjamin Korn – Born in London, England 1886, November 11.  Lived in London 1 year.  Moved to United States, Brooklyn, NY Wyskoff Street.  Lived there one year.  Family moved to Athens, Georgia. Married Sarah Parody.  Had four children:

  • Hyman Charles born June 8, 1910, was attorney and professor, Married Minna Steinman, Has two children: Donald and Jacqueline Alicia. Donald married         Lindalee Karno.  Has 3 children: David, Jason Hunter, and Sara Elizabeth
  • Louis Isaac born1912,was an engineer, married Bluma Davis. Children Susan Paula and Dale Marion.  Colonel in WWII in Army Air Force.
  • Anna Miriam born in 1914, married Carlos Cabrera of Havana, Cuba first, second Knudson of Sweden or Norway, married a trombone player who turned out to be a bigamist, Annulled. Married Edward Friend, sailor, died in U. S. Navy Hospital, Norfolk, VA,.  Widow of Ed Friend. Married Frederick P. White.
  • David Marcus born in 1918 and died in 1945. Radar expert, engineer with Army Air Force, Killed in a flight accident in Florida while on Duty.


Miriam Korn – Born August 17, 1888.  Died August 13, 1951.  Born in Athens, GA.  Lived there one year.  Family moved to Atlanta, GA.

Esther Lillian Korn – Born April 27, 1890 in Atlanta, GA.  Rosa went to school in Atlanta, through 6th grade.  Family moved to Woodville, MS.  Lived there one year.  Moved to New Orleans. Married Max Graff June 22, 1913.  Children:

  •  Sidney Samuel, Born July 16, 1914. Married Clara Louise Frankel.  Children: David Michael born November 15, 1947, Elaine Jeanette born September 27, 1950.
  •  Anna Rose – born April 30, 1917.  Married Jack Nadelman.  Divorced.  Married Hugo A. Bedau, is widow, no children.
  •  Margaret – born June 24, 1919.  Married Walter Kahn, 1950.   Children:  (1) Marlita Adele born December 4, 1954, married Luis Arthur Delgado Qualtrough October 9, 1982, one child Tatiana Inez Delgado-Kahn; (2) Sylvia Judy born May 27, 1960, married Vincent Versace II October 15, 2005.
  • Juliet – born September 20, 1921.  Married Harold Miller December 19, 1948 – November 20, 1976.  Children (1) Bruce Anthony born July 29, 1950, (2) Marc Douglas born October 28, 1953.

Marcus Korn – Born 1891 in New Orleans.  Died November 1, 1952 at age 61, never married. Served in WWI, Sergeant bugler with Army band, master plumber – Shriner and Druid. 

Graff Family History

Grandfather John Graff – born Iassi (pronounced Yassi), Roumania about 1858. Worked for largest hotel in Bucharest, was wine cellar keeper and head waiter at Victoria Hotel.  Went into business for himself in delicatessen, short order and liquor business for 2 years.  Then left for United States.  Lived in New York for 5 months, moved to Monroe, LA.  John left home and went west.  Died in San Francisco, April 20, 1929.

(Enroute back to New Orleans, from Daddy…)

John Graff’s sister married Walter Baker in London, England.  (Baker chocolate people)

Brother Saul was in manufacture of officer’s hats in Paris, France.

Max Graff, born November 14, 1886, arrived in New York August 24, 1900 at age 13.

Worked  as stock keeper for 4 years at J. Baer & Co department store in Monroe, LA. Children were Max, Charles, Saul.

Max and Charles went to New York for 6 months after completing high school (age 17), visited Aunt Lenora Goldstein.  While in New York, Max worked in drug store as general help and fell in love with soda fountains, decided to be a pharmacist.  In Roumania, pharmacist looked upon as a man of science.  Family moved to Shreveport, LA and father went into grocery business, Graff’s Grocery for about 13-14 years.  Charlie went to Panama to work on the canal.

Grandmother Graff’s sister – Anna Muhlstein Goldstein, brother was Samuel Muhlstein lived in Germany, engineer and architect – built bridges, churches, government buildings.  Died in Africa while building for German government.  Body was returned to Germany and buried by government with honors.  Died as a young man.

Grandma Macie Muhlstein Graff was born 1856 in Czernovitz (pronounced Chairnovitz), Austria.  Bucovina Province.  Died December 16, 1929 in Brooklyn, New York.

Max’s father’s mother – Reba Graff (Greif). Reba was born in Russia.

Max’s mother’s father – Zedik Muhlstein was born in Odessa, Russia.  He raised horses in Czernovitz, Austria.

Sidney Samuel Graff born July 16, 1914.  Married Clara Louise Frankel.  Children David Michael born November 15, 1947, Elaine Jeanette

Aunt Rose, born April 30, 1917.  Married June 22, 1958 to Hugo AmBedou

Margaret married Walter Kahn May 4, 1950, divorced 1983.

Juliet married Harold Miller, children Bruce Anthony, Marc Douglas.

Charles Hirsch Graff born September 16, 1888. Married Ethel. Children Ruth, died at 4 or 5 years old, Leonora , Sidney, Mildred, Beatrice

Saul Graff born 1890.








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